Amal Alliance is an international nonprofit- nongovernmental organization (NGO) that aims to empowers displaced and disenfranchised children through 4 pillars of support: Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Psychosocial Support, Early Childhood Development and Peace Education.

In June 2022, UNHCR teamed up with the EdTech Hub, mEducation Alliance, Global Innovation Exchange (GIE) and ECW to respond to the learning emergency caused by COVID-19 school closures. Amal Alliance was honored to be selected to design an education in emergency prototype – giving life to Colors of Kindness!

Amal Alliance’s vision was to create an innovative EdTech solution that helps children grow in their social and emotional competencies that was inspired by our preexisting Rainbow of Education curriculum. Designed to help cope with the effects of the pandemic, this holistic hybrid approach eases the transition back into the classroom while enhancing wellbeing.

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Why SEL?

Social and emotional skills allow us to manage our emotions, set and achieve goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions. These are the critical skills needed to succeed in most jobs and workplaces, as well in families and communities, giving children a competitive advantage as they learn how to effectively communicate, enhance their emotional wellbeing, and gain social awareness.

How it Works

Children will embark on a color journey, hopping through various clouds and learning different SEL skills in each clout. Throughout the journey, the children will be given an opportunity to discover a different perspective of themselves and the world. Each week, we will provide an episode to listen to that describes activities and games that support children’s development. At the end of every episode, we will present a challenge that the children can take home and work on through the course of the week. To ensure the child is fully engaged, we’ve made the process a fun-filled adventure! We look forward to making learning a playful experience with children each week!